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A few years ago I decided it was more important to learn how to ask questions than to find answers. Of course, the answer is what we all look for, but if you don’t know how to ask, or how to make your question interesting enough that people want to engage in your quest to find the answer, then you might be questioning the answer at some point. Besides, all the answers are already buried in the same cemetery of ideas you know as Google. Think about it; how easy is it to think of a question and google it? One of the answers you will find, not only on Google but unfortunately also on many books on self-improvement. Yes, I know… you don’t read those types of books, who does, right? But if you did, here’s one answer you’d find: fake it till you make it. Seriously? Seriously. Google it… the idea that if you look like a duck, talk like a duck, walk like a duck, eventually you will quack, has resonated to many entrepreneurs who believe they should fake it until they’ve arrived.

To have an entrepreneurial spirit or mindset is to be more interested in the process of making something, solving an issue, shifting a paradigm, and not as much on the arriving phase. The idea of finally making it is the most boring part of the process and it’s when most of us feel burned out. You want to make as much as you can, you wanna make it possible, make it accessible, make it different, make it indispensable. The problem is you may never know when to stop. So that’s why I questioned that advice of pretending to be something until you finally become and the assumption that other people wouldn’t even be able to tell when did that transition happen. My question is when should I stop? When is enough? When should I pursue something else? When is it time to stop making it?

In my opinion, it’s when you fake it. When you start caring about other people’s opinion of what you are making more than the reason you started making whatever it is in the first place. For your own sanity, that’s where you draw the line.

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