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If there’s one thing I think all software and apps should do, is to make us forget we’re using their platform and just let it feel like this is how the world is. It’s like driving a car; you have to learn and it’s complicated in the beginning, but once you do, stepping on the gas, on the breaks, steering the wheel… it all just comes natural and what your brain cares about is your destination. That’s how I view and review what I use for my business. I’m not techy, I just want to talk to my audience online, to present my work, to search, to sell and to have meetings with a remote team across the globe. I don’t care about anything else and I will remember your brand because you made me forget it when I needed to focus on my destination.

Goodyear had an ad campaign I loved that talked about how they made sure their tires were the best, that they worked really well, they were reliable and durable and they invested so much in quality so you, the driver, could think of everything else and just forget about your tires. I love that a brand would be so bold and humble at the same time because they put their customers ahead of their ego. Yes, they bragged about being great, but just so you wouldn’t have to think about what they do. Cause honestly, when do you think about things like tires and software or apps, in terms of their functionality and features? When something goes wrong. When you get a flat tire and you have to stop in the highway on a rainy day is when you actually see what the brand of your tire is, and then, well, then it’s not good PR, is it? I mean, not you… you probably have roadside assistance, right?

Making things simple might be the most complicated job you have to do. But you have to do it and then, let them forget about you.

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