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I bet there’s an app for that, but as you may know, now there’s a word to describe why scarcity has been used as one of the most effective sales tactics in digital marketing; FOMO, you know… the fear of missing out. It’s also one of the basic laws of economics, that helps drive the price up and down, and can cause inflation. If the product or service is scarce and the demand is high, the price will go up. Simple. But it has to be true, for real. It’s not supposed to be a tactic. It’s supposed to be a consequence of high demand or low production when service and product are rare in the market. The fact that it also works if you create scarcity is the scary part of this principle. If you’re doing this to your customers, lying about the deadline, creating fake scarcity to increase sales, you are the one who should be scared. For two reasons: that tact also has its days counted, because as Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” So don’t fool yourself. The second reason is that it’s going to hurt your brand, and I’m telling you this because the money you’re making deceiving people into buying your product with fake scarcity won’t be enough to pay for the damage you caused your brand.

But what if nobody finds out, you may ask? I talked about this in depth at module 3 of Copywriting as a Second Language, the lesson I call “The body language of your brand”. If you haven’t invested in your business to learn more about how to communicate your brand’s message to your audience in a way that will speak to their hearts and brains, I encourage you to join me for this course where you will also have a chance to share your journey with me and the community of entrepreneurs and brands that are changing the way they speak to their customers, inside our private group. But hurry, this offer won’t last… just kidding. Take your time, do the research, send me a message and then come.

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