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As a freelancer writer, I have the privilege to work close to clients. And a lot of times I become the planner and account director as well, you know how it is… This time, I got to play all those roles at once, while I got briefed on a campaign of a product I knew little about.

So when the client told me that Tecfil was the best selling brand of car filters in Latin America, I was surprised, but not suspicious. Because, who remembers the brand of oil and air filters in their car? Exactly. No one does… You simply trust your mechanic when it comes to choosing the best brand, the client responded. And I thought, there! That’s your campaign. So the planner in me was surprised and a little nervous to see the creative director in me brainstorming and approving an idea like that, so fast. The account director in me, watched with fear… and told the client we would come back with a few concepts and scripts for the next meeting. But yes, that’s what happened. So when I got back in front of them, I knew we had something fun to present and they laughed and loved it.

We created a series of situations where one person is struggling to make a decision and asks their mechanic for advice.


The concept was simple:

“You trust your mechanic, he trusts Tecfil. The leader in automotive filters.”

And after that, the creative director and planner in me, began to trust each other more.