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Have you noticed how crazy some hockey players can get? For a limited time only, we decided to help them deal with some of their issues, while they take time off in the penalty box. How does that make you feel?


To celebrate the new Buffalo Wild Wings Limited Time Only menu, we created limited time only unexpected situations, related to sports.


I love when clients understand the power of a concept and see how unlimited they are. When we presented this idea to Buffalo Wild Wings, their smile should be on a toothpaste ad. They saw how much fun we could have talking about their limited time only menu, and we did… In this spot, we play with the idea that referees and amperes sometimes don’t see correctly, and for a limited time only, they could get free eye exam.


Buffalo Wild Wings decided to talk about their “limited time only menu”, which changes every quarter. So we created a concept with unlimited executions.


The campaign was launched online, on their website and on youtube. Then we thought, why not create an experience that goes beyond digital? So we took the Kiss Cam out of the stadium and brought it into Times Square in NYC, for a limited time too. We found out people love wings, but boy, do they love to kiss.