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Copywriting as a Second Language

Study hall. A class that didn’t really make sense to me. You would sit in the cafeteria and do nothing sometimes. Some kids would nap… and I was told it was a time to do my homework in case I was busy in the afternoon or something. I’ll never forget this one Tuesday morning, when this kid comes to me with a bullying attitude and asks; why did you come to the US, don’t you guys have schools in Brazil? I looked at him and said I came to learn English. He looked back at me and as if I had said something stupid he shouts, I know English… that’s a lame reason to come. And I don’t know why I responded but I did… I said, yes, you speak English, but if I didn’t, would you understand my Portuguese? He laughed and said of course not, I don’t speak Portuguese… then I said, there you go, then, I guess I needed to come to learn English so I could talk to you today. But then again, you make me wish I didn’t. Then the bell rang and fortunately, we never spoke again.

Although that’s not really the real reason I speak English today, I always remember that conversation and think about everything I needed to learn because I wanted to communicate with other people, and I’ve been helping clients do the same, especially in advertising. We all have a message we want to communicate with our audience, but we don’t always speak the same language and the reason why we should learn a second language is because of the people we want to share our message with. So when I decided to help more people learn how to communicate their brand’s message to their customers with all I know about copywriting, the idea of seeing this as a Second Language came to mind.

If you haven’t checked out my course yet, I encourage you to request access and see it for yourself. Go to the page LEARN here on my website. If you’ve taken the course, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this idea may have changed the way you communicate your message with your audience. You don’t have to write to me in Portuguese, although that would be a nice touch.


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