JP Caruso

Creative Director Writer | +1.952.322.0662

Palmeiras is known in São Paulo by its signature green uniforms and for being the team of choice of almost all Italian decedents in Brazil. So when adidas decided to launch a blue jersey for the team, we knew there was a big chance fans would reject it.

This was a lot of fun writing and directing the creative idea for the campaign. We came up with a tale to explain the reason for the new color. The video tells the story of how Palmeiras was founded, that their players came from a long line of warriors that fought for the honor of the royal family or the “Casa Azzurra”, in Italy. Casa Azzurra, which literally means blue house, has also inspired the italian national team, with their blue jerseys. So when the video went viral, this discussion started to take place, where fans debated about the truth behind the story in the video, with many of them confirming it to be true.