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Have you ever wondered what the person of the voice in the commercial looked like? I can tell you they never look the same way you imagined. I’ve heard things like “You are taller than you sound” or “You sound much younger”.

When you write a script with voice over, you usually imagine what that voice sounds like, the right interpretation and even speed. Many times, while selling the script to a client, I got the same reaction: “it sounded so good when you read it, why don’t you record it?” Other times, a producer would ask if I could record what was in my head when I wrote it, so the voice over talent could try to sound like me, but with a “voice over voice”, and then they would end up choosing my recording. So that’s how it started… and soon enough, I decided to separate the two roles, recording only scripts that were not created by me. In 2009, I became the voice of TAM Airlines, then Allianz, then Ipiranga and Texaco, and then one brand after another, until my friends and family started recognizing my voice on TV and radio. 

These are some examples of voice over jobs I’ve done in Brazil. So they are all in Portuguese, but even if you don’t speak the language, take a listen. You might be surprised with how much you understand.

Nick Casabona

Trust and talent. These are the characteristics a producer always looks for when choosing a professional. Trust in knowing the audio file will be delivered by the deadline and talent in giving the right interpretation for the spot. That's why JP is one of my first choices. Distance is not a problem, neither is time zone. He's awake. He's got the equipment. Refresh your email and the file is there.

Nick Casabona

Producer and Partner at Audioman