JP Caruso

Porteiro Zé
Joe the Doorman
One of Brazil’s first viral videos, before youtube was born.

I met the creators of “Porteiro Ze” back in 2003, and they invited me to be a part of their creative team. Such a fun side project! We started on the internet, then went to a radio station with a challenge to have the same success as 30 second spots of comedy, then on 3 different TV channels, and one of them as a live 3D character, that would interact with real people on the set. Not to mention the amount of brands who wanted the character to be in their campaigns. 

I also got to use my voice for some of their characters. 


Porteiro means doorman, and it is about this simple old doorman of a residential building in Sao Paulo. The sitcom went viral because the stories were simple and funny, and everyone who either lived in a building with a doorman or had the experience of visiting a friend, could relate to the situations. I personally lived a few of those that we wrote. 

Overall, I love that I got to work on this project since the start and learned so much about radio, TV, comedy and story telling.