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Tell me what you need. So I can get the picture.
photography is writing with light.
let’s create poetry together.
Fabio Meirelles

JP was instrumental for us in a time when we just were starting out. My sister and I had a small film production company and were mainly filming weddings, but he saw something in our work and trusted us with very compelling stories he wanted to tell. A good example was when he introduced our work to an agency for a Christmas campaign for Stella Artois, a huge client - the largest beer conglomerate in the world. That kind of work is something we’ve been fortunate enough to pursue with more agencies and brands in the recent years, but back then it was one of the biggest and most challenging jobs we had done so far. I think this example shows he has a good eye and is a trusting person.

Fabio Meirelles

Film Director - Founder Partner at Irmãos Meirelles