JP Caruso

Creative Director Writer | +1.952.322.0662

After working on two consecutive campaigns for adidas, as writer and creative director, I was invited to work on the 2010 presidential campaign in Brazil, and I think I got a little too patriotic to take that job. Fortunately, adidas wasnt so happy I left and invited me to participate on the pitch for their account for the 2011 campaign. So I called a few friends and together we pitched against 4 other agencies, TBWA was one of them, and they had adidas media buy. To make a fun story short, we won the pitch and I got to work again as writer and creative director, laughing the 2011 Palmeiras jersey.

This time, adidas was inspired by the 1951 team, a team considered the first world champions in the history of soccer and even today is celebrated by all Palmeiras fans. One of the players, Oberdan Cattani, who was the goalie back in 1951, took part in the film. This film went viral on youtube.